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Yaham presents new traffic LED display at ATSSA 2019

2019-02-15 13:58:00

Florida, USA 10-12 February 2019, Yaham , as the leading manufacturer of LED display, showcases its latest development in LED display of intelligent traffic at ATSSA where the conference is hosted in Florida, USA. Apart from traffic display, Yaham also introduces its state-of-art indoor H3s small pixel pitch LED display during the conference.

Traffic LED display is indispensable and ubiquitous in modern transportation system, by delivering useful information, colorful graphics and animations, it guides crowds, communicate traffic situation. Yaham’s VMS provides a variety of pixel spacings and sizes to meet bespoke applications including gantry VMS, cantilever VMS, and column VMS .

“The ATSSA provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with our international partners as we continue to develop and research top-notch traffic LED displays for our customers across the world. We are also very proud to get involved into the improvement of traffic efficiency with our constantly upgraded products.” Says Sean, president of Yaham traffic division.

In addition, Yaham also presents Edge LED street light and Tri Series products to ATSSA. Edge Led street lights are professional lens for streets, roads, and by-pass lighting, featuring light efficacy up to 140lm/W. Tri Series features low power consumption and significantly reduce light pollution with its unique elevation angle design, providing high efficiency & stable performance. Suitable for parks, gardens, courtyards, residential streets, roads and other lighting purposes.

American Traffic Safety Services Association(ATSSA) is one of the most famous exhibitions in the world and has been held for 46 sessions since 1970 which attracts transportation experts around the world. All of these products are backed by Yaham's experienced project management team and unparalleled customer service to keep the displays providing value and excitement for years to come.

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