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Yaham unveiled small pixel spacing P1.27 at ISE2018

2018-02-08 11:39:42

On February 6, ISE2018 kicked off at RAI Exhibition Hall, Amsterdam, which will last till February 9. Yaham attended this annual feast with the industry-leading small pixel spacing solution that has grown into a wide range of the most creative applications including check security, meteorology and energy monitoring, smart city, etc.

At this yearly great event, Yaham H2 small pixel spacing product featuring ultra-high  precision and definition has perfectly showcased the up-to-date intelligent control display effect, which has successfully drawn a large quantity of attendees’ and purchasers’ attention.  

As the main screen at ISE2018, the spacing of H2 series LED display is small to 1.27mm, perfectly delivering every detail of image. Regarding gray scale of 14bits and brightness of 100-300 nits, H2 is able to provide true-to-life image quality. Along with wide viewing angle up to 160°, audience can enjoy the picture from different angle without blind angle. In addition, PCB and module are specially designed to share the same fixture which means there is no gap for cabinet joint, availably enhancing its accuracy. Furthermore, owing to Yaham unique graphene-based heat dissipation, H2 has advanced heat dissipation performance. Considering signal design, no visible signal cable in the cabinet, effectively decreasing electromagnetic interference and improving the stability of screen as a whole. Besides, with innovative magnetic tool, maintenance of H2 is much more convenient and faster than you can ever image. All the components can be easily serviced from front, saving time and space. 

Apart from H2 series, Yaham have also exhibited T3.91 indoor fixed display for transportation system, GD15.625 transparent screen, DT10 outdoor SMD display, YS DOOH advertising billboard, D16.67, etc. All of them has brought audience the bursting visual sense with eye-catching and brilliant display effect, as well as they have attracted a large number of people in attendance at ISE2018 to experience the performance of Yaham-made products.

T3.91 indoor fixed display

GD15.625 transparent screen

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