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Yaham patents the invention of seamless curve LED module

2019-09-02 09:15:53

The invention of seamless curve LED module, which makes the seamless curved LED display comes true, marks a revolutionary advancement in LED display technology.

Usually, a curved LED display is achieved by piecing two LED display tegother, and unavoidablely, it appears a black line in the middle of it, it seperates the display from another one and trmendoulsy compromise the visual experience. Yaham's seamless module is designed with a curve surface, it magically turns two display into one seamlessly and smoothly, and it is pefectly workable with buildings that with different angles. By eliminating the black line, it leaves you the uniterrupted visual experience and perfect finish only.

Instead of the growing weary traditionaly LED display, Yaham's seamless curve LED dipplay breaks the limitation of shape and brings infinite possibilities for the reinvention of LED display. With a redesigned triple-layer mask, Yaham seamless curve LED display featuring improved contrast ratio.

Since the success in seamless curve LED disply, Yaham has introduced many world-class and first-ever LED displays for many landmarks aroud the world and the success is beyond our expectation.

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