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Die-casting aluminum rental led display YR Overview Specifications Case Study

Operation status monitor

The YR series is equipped with a touch OLED display panel that automatically measures working time, detects power failures and operating temperatures,

and visually displays detailed data for each display to provide effective information for management and maintenance .

Power sharing and signal redundant

Power sharing: When the LED display power supply fails, the system will automatically call the remaining display power supply for power supply,

and prompt the power failure indicator in the background.

Signal redundant: When a signal fault is detected during operation, it will actively switch to the alternate signal source to

ensure that the playback display is not interrupted.

Interchangeable with floor led display

YR series is interchangeable with a floor LED display with the built-in weight sensor , YR could display contents that are able to interact with audience.

The surface is mounted with a transparent PC panel, which is dust-proof and waterproof and carries  load up to 2 tons.

With a designed ingress protection up to IP65, YR could work properly under any circumstances.

Slim and stable architecture

Made by die-cast aluminum, YR has a slim and stable architecture. The weight of the box is 7.2 kg, which is light and easy to transport,

and can be lifted by a single person. The die-cast aluminum housing is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion,

and with a high protection design to ensure the stability of the YR series for long-term use.

Flexible installations

The new structural design is compatible with a variety of installation methods: lifting, stacking, and curve. YR series supports plus or minus 7.5° 

curve installation to further customize your display and meet different circumstances.

Fast and effortless cabinet assembly

YR adopts a quick locking mechanism. It takes only 10 seconds to assemble 2 cabinets. It ensures the installation speed and the connection accuracy.

It is equipped with a positioning pin to assist the alignment to ensure a higher flatness of the whole screen .


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