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Indoor fixed H2 Overview Specifications Case Study

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The design of H0 cabinet packs a lot of power into not a lot space, despite being so compact,

Yaham H2 is able to play 2K and 4K video with ultrstable image quality.

Wide colour spectrum Highly adjustable white balanceWide

With advanced triple Trichromacy imaging technology the LED display has the ability to deliver more than 4 trillion colours, plus a highly

adjustable colour temperature from 2500k to 10000k across the Yaham high density LED range.

Convertible to curved display with different angles

Seamless cabinet alignment The beauty of the seamless high resolution LED display options ensures a more immersive visual experience

and is now the perfect alternative to traditional LCD or DLP video walls, both of which have disruptive bezels impairing 

the full screen appearance. True curved or multi-faceted options available for a more dramatic result, 

or to align with the existing structural contours.

Low brightness, high grey scale . True-to-life image quality

With a gray scale up to 18 bit, H2 delivers true-to life image reproduction with every pixel performing perfectly and as intended.

Wide viewing angle 160° wide visual experience

Yaham fine-pitch LED displays provide wider viewing angles and pixel-perfect imagery which is a real advance over the

traditional LCD and DLP video walls.

High refresh rate Pixel perfection and performance

Perfect image distribution and display to every Yaham high resolution LED seamless screen.  Remove the Moire effect for flicker free

filming and broadcasting with 3840 HZ. refresh rate and most suitable IC driver models.


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