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Outdoor billboard G0 Overview Specifications Case Study

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The lightest and thinnest out-of-home billboard ever

As of now, the Yaham out-of-home billboard has cme to its 3rd generation after relentless improvements, with dozens of details upgraded, it has been brought to a new completion. More pixel spacing and diode categories are available for this incredible billboard cabinet.

Focus on your Image quality

High-contrast module with light louver design provides vibrante image and enhances the display effect.

Unmatched stability

More than 35% of the screen body is hollow, effectively reducing the wind load by 32% compared with the ordinary billboard.

Easier installation

Weights less than 33kg/, Yaham G0 is 55% lighter than that of ordinary display. It helps to tremendously reduce cost on installation and transportation.

Multiple applications

Yaham GD billboard is capable of being applied in almost all of the out-of –home applications due to its natures and abilities empowered by our designers and technicians.

Friendly Tips :To ensure the excellent performance of your LED display , please wash your screen periodically.


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