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Outdoor fixed D0 Overview Specifications Case Study

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Lighter and thinner

Yaham D0 is the most multi-functional yet thin and light cabinet we ever created, with thickness measured 113mm and weights 11.5kg per cabinet.

Front/rear access

All the components can be serviced both from front and rear. It takes only 5 seconds to assemble or disassemble one cabinet.

High protection standard

With Ingress Protection rating up to 65, Yaham D0 is able to serve under any circumstance.

Energy-saving and noiseless

Yaham D0 featuring fanless and noiseless, leaving you only perfect visual experience.

Two installation ways

With Yaham D0, it either can be installed vertically or horizontally, making it more flexible in different applications.

Friendly Tips :To ensure the excellent performance of your LED display , please wash your screen periodically.


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