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good news! yaham was recognized as the Engineering Technology Research Center of

2021-09-29 16:45:46
Recently, in order to further implement the innovation-driven development strategy, strengthen the construction of enterprise research and development institutions, and strongly support the development of strategic industrial clusters, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology issued an important notice on the announcement of the list of Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Centers to be recognized in 2021. .

Among them, the "Multidimensional Shaped LED Display Engineering Technology Research Center" created by yaham was officially recognized as the "2021 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center".

The Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center is an important scientific research platform for building a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and in-depth integration of industry, university, research and application.
Since its establishment, yaham has continued to make efforts in technological innovation and talent training, speeding up product development and program research, especially in the part of special-shaped screens. yaham, who has been deeply cultivating the LED display market, keeps up with the market trend and caters to the actual needs of customers. Higher-level professional capabilities have successfully created many well-known cases and landmark buildings all over the world, and won praises from customers at home and abroad.

▲The Caesars Palace project in Las Vegas

▲Chicago Bulls project
In recent years, the company has continuously optimized its product structure and increased the added value of its products. With the integrated full-scenario solution of "software + hardware" and "product + solution", it has been highly recognized by customers. The 2021 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center accreditation not only fully demonstrates the technical strength of yaham, but also an authoritative recognition of yaham's ability in technological innovation, research and development, and achievement transformation.
In the future, yaham will rely on the "Guangdong Multidimensional and Special-shaped LED Display Engineering Technology Research Center", continue to increase scientific research, actively carry out research on the cutting-edge technology of display screens, and carry out industrial application innovations of existing technologies and products to create sophisticated The modern and intelligent LED display screen will make a more active contribution to the development of the display industry.
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