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More than advertising, LED digital billboards make the street and community safe

2021-09-26 16:57:44
Kindly think about, it takes how many days to install such 50sqm outdoor screen?
Want a safe and efficient installation in the middle of the road?

Light-weight, Easier operate
The project used S4 series which is born for OOH. Lightweight as only 25kg/sqm, it is about 60% lighter than traditional products, which is equal to almost 5pcs 5kg bags of rice and could carry easily and quickly by engineers

Bigger size, Faster install
Designed into big sizes like 1200x900mm, 1200x1200mm etc, it has fewer unnecessary mounting screws do can achieve quicker assembling and cabling. Efficiency leaves less effect on traffic, assisting in getting government approval faster.

Better flatness, Less adjustment
Cabinet design ensures better flatness for less connection, which can save time in adjustment and deliver greater vision and attract more views.
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