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Good screen like a tide! yaham assists the overall upgrade of urban commercial

2021-09-28 15:43:24
With the development of economy and the improvement of material life, people also have requirements for beauty in the environment they live in. The visual beauty satisfies people's enjoyment of beauty to a certain extent, and it also gives the surrounding environment a leap in quality.

Many breathtaking and creative LED display projects with their unique shape and structure have added prosperity to the city and shaped the city's visual culture. Among them, the commercial LED display has become a new bright spot in the display industry.

After years of research and development and practice, yaham Optoelectronics strives to incorporate creative displays into environmental art, and builds a dream personalized visual culture with its industry-leading customized LED display technology.

Help Huizhou Wal-Mart in an all-round way

Recently, yaham Optoelectronics has built a full-color indoor and outdoor full-color LED display in Huizhou Wal-Mart Le World Shopping Center, which perfectly fits various arcs and brings a new sensory experience.

In the era of vigorous development of cultural and creative industries, conventional LED displays can no longer satisfy the public's "critical" vision, and yaham began to make structural breakthroughs. Currently, it can meet the requirements of arcs, rounds, right angles, special shapes, suspended ceilings, etc. A variety of structural forms.

▲Inner arc screen at the southwest corner of Wal-Mart in Huizhou

▲Huizhou Wal-Mart's north end ceiling screen on the negative 1st floor

In single or multiple commercial centers and high-traffic areas, indoor and outdoor full-color LED displays are built, with strong visual impact, ultra-clear images, and huge shocks, all of which are notable and powerful advertising charms. The embedding of yaham LED display gives Huizhou Wal-Mart new vitality, allowing it to exert greater advertising value.

▲ Ceiling screen on the second floor of the atrium in the outer block of Wal-Mart in Huizhou

▲The cornice screen on the second floor of the Wal-Mart Atrium in Huizhou

It is worth mentioning that yaham specializes in providing creative display customization services for commercial advertisements, creating a complex commercial venue that combines culture, art, and scene experience. Mainly for luxury, fast fashion, leisure sports and other brand flagship stores; suitable for comprehensive supermarkets, professional supermarkets and other commercial areas.

▲The back screen of the escalator on the second floor of Wal-Mart in Huizhou

Shenzhen Yicheng Center LED display is here

Similarly, several ultra-high-definition LED displays made by yaham were erected in Shenzhen Yicheng Center. When combined with flowers, marine life and other communication content, it resembles the reproduction of real scenes, giving people an extremely realistic and completely immersive visual sense. Experience.

This form of outdoor advertising is not only limited to the exposure of the brand, but also uses artistic content to attract eyeballs, which can increase the value of the brand.

▲The southwest display of Yicheng Center

For outdoor use environment, the product has been tested under strict outdoor conditions, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance, etc. The product quality is stable and reliable, which can ensure that it can be used in harsh outdoor environments for many years.

▲Display on the northwest side of Yicheng Center

The LED display in commercial display applications organically combines features such as curtain wall lighting, advertising, and smart landscape display, which meets the current development trend of urban landscape planning and gives the landmark architecture the flavor of the era.

In addition, LED displays in the commercial field undertaken by yaham Optoelectronics in China are also commonplace. With its high-quality customization, yaham LED displays are spread all over the world in economically developed regions, and have played a significant role in promoting urban commercial transformation and urban image.

▲Chengdu Global Trade Plaza Project

▲Huawei Shanghai flagship store project

▲The Caesars Palace project in Las Vegas

Commercial LED displays are favored by the market due to their high-quality graphics, rich colors and convenient maintenance. In yaham, we regard your success as our success. Adhering to this concept, yaham Optoelectronics will continue to reach new heights in the LED display industry.

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