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Check in the landmark of the new city! Yaham helps build Shenzhen

2021-11-02 14:24:50
On the streets decades ago, neon lights were flashing everywhere, adding a touch of color to the city. With the rapid development of LED, outdoor advertising is popular, and large LED advertising screens are erected everywhere.

As a new form of media advertising, LED display is gradually becoming a new bright spot in urban outdoor advertising. Its super visual impact, unique space value, high coverage, super high advertising cost-effectiveness, bring unlimited business opportunities and temptation to the city.

Shenzhen Longhua "One Square City" is here

On October 29th, the second Unifang City, Longhua Unifang City, built by Hongrongyuan Unifang Commercial Property, was officially opened, integrating high-end experience, international boutiques, trend flagships, dynamic entertainment experience, and exquisite life into one. , 300+ brands settled in the venue, once again leading the consumer frenzy.

Inside and outside the shopping mall, Yaham Optoelectronics provided dozens of large LED screens and advanced display and control solutions to help the shopping mall with technology and fashion modern decoration style, its unique creativity, high-definition multi-angle vision and large area coverage. Fully attract the attention of the audience.

Yifangcheng LED display screen has a large screen area and excellent display effect, beautiful high-definition, beautiful pictures, and a combination of sound and picture. It makes advertisements more appealing and visual impact, and attracts a large number of outdoor high-quality products to the greatest extent. The active attention of the customer group achieves a higher arrival rate.

In addition, the LED display is equipped with high-quality materials, the product performance is stable, and the frequency of transmission is high. Moreover, it has excellent performance of waterproof and sun protection, can adapt to harsh outdoor environments, fully guarantee the effect of outdoor communication, and bring higher profits to advertisers.

It is worth mentioning that Yaham specializes in providing creative display customization services for commercial advertisements, creating a complex commercial venue that combines culture, art, and scene experience. Compared with the traditional publicity methods used in shopping malls, LED displays have huge advantages in terms of viewing images, viewing angles and audience levels.

For shopping malls, as an important platform for product display, information release, and advertising revenue generation, LED display is essential for shopping malls to attract traffic and increase value; for society, it is also an important city propaganda medium for city image display and public welfare publicity. Provides an excellent position.

In the future, Yaham Optoelectronics will continue to increase technological development and innovation, pay attention to the experience needs of end customers, provide more innovative and high-quality products, and achieve a new leap in the development of the new retail industry!
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