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  • 2021-09-26
    More than advertising, LED digital billboards make the street and community safe
    Kindly think about, it takes how many days to install such 50sqm outdoor screen? Want a safe and efficient installation in the middle of the road? Light-weight, Easier operate The project used S4 series which is born for OOH. Lightweight as only 25kg/sqm, it is about 60% lighter than traditional products, which is equa...
  • 2021-06-01
    Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again
    Luohu District is the earliest urban area developed in Shenzhen. It has witnessed Shenzhen's urban development. The "Shenzhen Speed", which was once named after one floor building had been completed in three days, was born here. In addition, it has the first stock exchange, the first futures market, and the first local com...
  • 2021-05-18
    Go Forward, YAHAM. Wonderful Review of ISLE-2021 Exhibition
    On May 10-13, Yaham assisted the International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition/ International Signage and Smart Space Application Exhibition (ISLE 2021) to be successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Hall). More than 300 LED displays created by...
  • 2021-01-30
    YAHAM LED screen shines bright at Grand Mercure, high level hotel in Yogyakarta
    Grand Mercure hotel, located in Yogyakarta where is a famous tourist city of Indonesia, with an area of 26,000 m², and is known as the high-end version of Mercure Hotel. It is a high-end hotel and hotel style apartment with French culture and Indonesian local history. Being situated in the equatorial zone, Yogyakarta featu...
  • 2020-11-27
    Yaham Fine Pixel Pitch LED Screen Shines Bright in One Vanderbilt Tower of Manha
    Served as the economic and administrative center of New York City, Manhattan has been described as the cultural, financial, media, and entertainment capital of the world. Besides, Manhattan has been called a city of architecture art palace. A great many world-renowned landmarks are standing up in Manhattan, including E...
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