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Die-casting aluminum rental LED display YR II series Overview Case Study

Product video

A new level of completion of rental LED display

The YR II is a LED display with extremely high compatibility and the ability to switch under different enviroments.

light and slim cabinet architecture and quick installation design make it faster to assemble and disassemble. equiped with infrared sensor connection system,

signal mapping can automatically complete without mannual tunning, making the installation even simpler and providing you with an upgraded user-friendly experience.

Minimalist architecture and high Ingress Protection

Weighs only 6kg per cabinet, created by durable and corrision resistant
materials, YR II series Ingress Protecting rating up to65 and be able to work
properly under different enviroments.

High Precision, Fast Installation and Seamless Splicing
Fast lock design is adopted around the cabinet body. It only takes 10 seconds

to connect a single cabinet. It ensures installation speed and connection

accuracy. It is equipped with positioning pins to assist alignment to ensure the

smoothness of large screen assembly.

Front access
The YR II is designed for full front maintenance and is workable for applications
where there is a strict requirement for installation space. This design is more
advantageous when it comes to wall-mounting and floor installations.

Whisper-quiet operation
Low noise operation, power supply using fan-free design to decrease noise. By
using with the best power supply and exquisite electronic engineering design,
avioding noise from the screen to disturb indoor work.

Operation status monitor
The YR II series is equipped with a touch OLED display panel that automatically
measures working time, detects power failures and operating temperatures,
and shows each panel’s detailed data to provide effective information for

management and maintenance.

S-PWM technology, improved visual experience
With the advanced S-PWM electronic operation technology, the gray level is

up to 16 bits. Under the condition of low brightness, the gray level is high

uniformity and the consistency of the picture is perfect. YR II also featuring

3840 Hz refrsh rate, delivering perfect visual experience.

Power supply current sharing
Power sharing: When the LED display power supply fails, the system will

automatically call the remaining display power supply for working to ensure

the screen runs normally.
Signal redundant: When a signal fault is detected during the operation, it

will actively switch to the alternate signal source to ensure that the display

is not interrupted.

Infrared induction connecting system
YR II series is equipped with infrared induction screen connecting technology.
The cabinet can be installed randomly without any software settings, so the
time of adjusting screen on site is reduced.

Note: This product is not sold in the United States


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