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outdoor section aluminium standard led display S4 series Overview Case Study

Product video

Offering a more standarized cabinet

The S4 series is designed with a new large-size cabinet, which is more lightweight and more convenient than conventional cabinets.

Corrosion-resistant profile aluminium con-struction further enhances cabinet protection and offers a wide range

of optional sizes for easy creation of large screens in all sizes.

Waterproof module, breathable valve design

It is equipped with a waterproof and breathable valve to effectively prevent condensation,

fogging and deformation of the module due to temperature difference,

and to provide heat dissipation channels for the module.

High Ingress Protection

The module is fully waterproof, effectively resists rain and dust,

and is compatible with corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy cabinet materials which with Ingress Protection rating up to 65.

Lightweight and reliable

With an aluminium alloy architecture, the weight is only 25kg/m2 and the thickness is 89.5mm,

which will effectively reduce the building load. At the same time, the cabinet size is increased to 1600*1800mm,

which reduces the installation process and improves the display flatness.

Brightness up to 10000 nits

Optional high-brightness SMD lamp with brightness up to 10000 nits,

allowing the product to be clearly displayed in strong sunlight out-of-home.

Reduce power consumption by 15%

Featuring power  redundancy design dual voltage input, the power consumption of S4 is reduced by about 15% compared

with that of traditional display, effectively reducing display attrition rate and prolonging service life.

Smart module

Data is auto to individual module resulting in no need to manually calibrate when replacing with spare module supplied

Smart module are able to:

. Work by independent identification

. Store calibration data

. Monitor running time

. Synchronize data


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