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Outdoor fixed SC Overview Case Study

Outdoor seamless corner LED display

With seamless corner LED module technology, the Yaham outdoor angled panels work in harmony

with the supporting structure or building facade.

Wider viewing angle

Yaham LED bespoke corner panels enhance the image with seamless broadcasting

and a wider viewing ability to maximise impact at street level.

Traditional corner display                                     Yaham seamless corner display

Seamless display effect

The Yaham seamless corners eliminate any gap in the display providing a stunning visual viewing experience.

Various angle solutions

Yaham corner cabinets can be moulded to the most appropriate angle for the supporting structure

with a variety of angle options including 90º, 115º and 135º.

Flexible application

The Caesars Palace installation is a perfect example of the flexibility and diversity of what is

achievable with the customized qualities of the Yaham SC LED series.

High contrast

The unique triple louvre design assists in delivering a perfect and vivid image with superb contrast.

24/7 smart monitoring service

The status of the standard panel can be fully monitored 24/7 and will trigger alarm if any faults. (optional)

Friendly Tips :To ensure the excellent performance of your LED display , please wash your screen periodically.


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