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Outdoor billboard G0 Overview Case Study

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The lightest and thinnest out-of-home billboard ever

The G0 series is the third generation DOOH LED billboard range from Yaham and intense research and development has resulted in volumes of display and design improvements. Plus extended diode and pixel pitch options to suit all large scale LED advertising display installations.

Focus on your Image quality

High-contrast and anti-glare module provides vibrant image and enhances the display effect.

Unmatched stability

With more than 35% of the screen being hollow this effectively reduces the wind load by 32% when

compared to a traditional LED billboard display.

Whisper-quiet operation

Amazing self-ventilation qualities, excellent heat dissipation, fanless design and super energy efficient

collectively results in increased longevity of live and long term cost savings.

Yaham G0 series has a translucent design, lightweight structure and unique oblique module louvre to allow the air to

pass through freely and deflect the sunlight to enhance the consumer viewing experience from ground level.

Easier installation

Weighing in at just 34kg/sqm Yaham G0 is up to 55% lighter than traditional LED displays which

has a positive impact on cost associated with freight, handling and installation.

24/7 smart monitoring service

The status of the standard panel can be fully monitored 24/7 and will trigger alarm if have any faults (optional).

Multiple applications

Yaham GD billboard is capable of being applied in almost all of the out-of –home applications due to its natures

and abilities empowered by our designers and technicians.

Friendly Tips :To ensure the excellent performance of your LED display , please wash your screen periodically.


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