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commercial transparant led screen C3 Overview Case Study

New Trend of Commercial Visual Art

A new solution in Visual-Advertising, C3 series brings forth opportunity to Window-Advertisement in a faster and creative way.

As the commercial transparent LED screen, C3 will keep delivering the creative advertising

with its impressive features—65% of transparency and maximized displaying area with full-screen design.

Side-emitting Technology

Diode is parallel with PCB to create higher transparency, which avoids the sight from being blocked by the screen.

High-brightness diode is used to ensure the clear performance even under the sunshine.

Full-screen Displaying

The big cabinet design ( Cabinet measures 1000×3000 mm) is good at setting up with different sizes of screens.

Available for customization, the C3 is flexible in different types of building structures.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Fan-less design to keep you from noise and provide you the uninterrupted visual experience.

High-standard power supply is equipped to effectively control the working temperature.

Heat inside is dissipated from the Aluminum alloy and heat from LED is taken out from the airflow going through.

High-strength Aluminum Structure

The structure is made up of two layers of aluminum profile, with stiffener and embedded corner braces.

The design enhances the connection rigidity, strength and solidity.

Friendly Rear Access

Rear access is helpful and user-friendly in the space behind to the window glass. Each module measures 1000mm wide by 250mm high,

with light bars, HUB, receiving card and other components, designed for convenient and effective service.

Extensive Functions

The C3 series is versatile in different settings. It can be used as E-Poster with external players.

Customer can also add PC(Polycarbonate)board in front of cabinet for extra protection.


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