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All scenarios, All functions
One screen show multiple interfaces at the same time. You can join the meeting anytime anywhere with the intelligent split screen system. Smart LED conference screen solves the traditional LCD screen problem that screen cannot achieve super-large size and high brightness, but low gray scale, limited lifespan. The screen for meeting room usage is the integration of audio and video signal processing; One device can achieve all scenes and all functions, opening a new era of conference solutions.

Turn the complexity into simplicity

Plug and display, no need to debug, one-key power on. One-key projection, no wire connection, support WiFi, bluetooth. The system is equipped with a quad-core CPU, super-high GPU performance, 4G large storage, 32G storage (expandable), fast processing speed, smooth video playback, and high synchroniza tion. Remote control to make operation easier, effectively improve work efficiency.

Lighter and Thinner

Super-thin cabinet, super-narrow frame design, die-cast aluminum cabinet, no complicated steel
structure. With no destroy to the original decoration.

Front design

Hot-swappable, fast front maintenance design, magnetic-type module design effectively to shorten the maintain time.

Excellent consistency high reliability

Surface light source display, no graininess, visually more comfortable.


The flip-chip wireless packaging process on the board with a shorter heat dissipation path, is more conducive to heat conduction, and the manufacture process is greatly improved with the same power consumption and brightness.

Super self-protection grade, human and machine friendly

The display surface can be touched at will, and can support interactive touch; Dust and oil can be wiped with a rag at any time, easy to clean and maintain. The screen adopts super high-hardness epoxy encapsulation to be crack-resis- tant, pressure-resistant, anti-knock, and anti-collision.

Professional display effect

Up to 16bit grayscale performance, the picture is more delicate, and the details such as hair texture can be fully presented. Higher grayscale will bring more detail and more delightful viewing experience. 600nits high brightness makes it possible to display every detail even under sunshine.

Quiet operation

Use fanless design to avoid fan resonance noise. Heat and power consumption is controlled through an excellent power management scheme; The high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy cabinet is to dissipate heat, guaranteeing the long-term lifespan.

Fast and easy installation

Cabinets are pre-assembled in rows, which could be easily fixed on structure, modules are designed to be magnetic and can be automatically aligned and connected with cabinet without any tool, making the installation process easier and smoother.

Flexible installations

To meet different circumstances, Yaboard's installation including lifting, stacking and wall-mounting, making the instllation more flexible.


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