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S2 standard indoor led display Overview Case Study

Product video

Standard indoor LED display S2 series

Yaham S2 is the derivative product of S1 but with the indoor surface mounted diode, it is the product designed for indoor applications. Yaham S2 is the first indoor product that is able to make HD display like 3.5mm in the industry, S2 is also our first indoor product applied in the A-list brands like Louis Vittuon since 2005. After years of improvements, its stability has already has the time on its side.

Reliable performance

Selective components within the manufacturing and assembly process ensure highest standards

are achieved and client’s expectation exceeded.

High contrast

The special louvre design with black faced technology maximises the LED screen’s visual impact and produces vivid imagery.

Flexible in design

The Yaham standard indoor LED series offers flexibility of design and shape to

deliver a truly bespoke and inspirational installation.

Solidly-built architecture

Solid and durable build qualities are integral to the Yaham S2 indoor LED series. Spectacular seamless

broadcasting within a strong and sturdy framework.

Full EMC certifications achieved through careful and considered design, planning and production procedures.

Environmentally and UK legislation friendly.

24/7 smart monitoring service

The status of the standard panel can be fully monitored 24/7 and will trigger alarm if any faults. (optional)


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