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Indoor fixed H2 Overview Case Study

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16:9 indoor common cathode LED display H2 series

More energy-efficient: Common cathode LED display consumes power 32% less than that of ordinary LED
display on the condition of same brightness.
Advanced thermal management: Common cathode LED display produces heat 10% lower than that of ordinary LED
display under the condition of same brightness and environmental temperature.
True-to-life image quality: With a gray scale up to 18 bit and refresh rate up to 3820Hz, H2s delivers true-to
life image reproduction with every pixel performing perfectly and as intended.

Common cathode technology, reduce power consumption

Every diode on H3s is separately powered by an appointed current that is enough to power it on, no power would be consumed for nothing,

making it much more energy-efficient than displays with ordinary power input method.

Front access,Less reserved space for installation 16

H3s is designed to be accessible from front, module and cabinet are installed independently, together with concealed power and signal cable layout,

the whole display requires a reserved space of approximately 25.5mm for installation.

16:9 aspect ratio high resolution LED cabinet

The Yaham H3s series 16:9 aspect ratio cabinets are perfect for creating full HD, 4k and 8k seamless video wall replacement configurations.

10 bit HDMI & HDCP Signal input control

H3s featuring 10bit HDMI and HDCP video input, it perfectly delivers video and audio signal without jeopardizing quality,

meanwhile, HDCP also helps to protect HDMI or DVI signals from plagiarism.

User-friendly interface

Based on Windows OS, the control terminal of H3s owns an extremely user-friendly interface,

you can synchronize data, monitor display and configure display effortlessly with it.

Separate package, high stability

By packaging and installing module and cabinet separately, H3s is much easier to install,

signal and power cable can also be concealed at the same time.


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