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Indoor HD display H0 Overview Case Study

Product Video

indoor fine pixel pitch LED display

The design of H0 cabinet packs a lot of power into not a lot space, despite being so compact,

Yaham H0 is able to play 2K and 4K video with ultrstable image quality.

Delicate and realistic image

Up to 16 bits of gray scale performance, the content performance is more delicate, hair texture

and other details can be fully presented. In indoor commercial ads, higher gray scale

will bring a more detailed viewing experience.

High refresh rate

Up to 3840Hz refresh rate, support HDR high dynamic range image technology,

playback pictures without ghosting, ensure that each frame of the picture is clear and smooth,

and restore the visual effects in real environments.

Smart module

The smart module can store its own correction data, which will be updated automatically after the module

is replaced to ensure the uniformity of the display. At the same time, the system can detect the fault of each part of the

display screen, record the operating time of the module temperature and voltage, and upload the detection data.

Light and thin

H0 cabinet is 78mm thick, more efficient use of limited indoor space. 7.3kg light die-cast aluminum

cabinet helps to reduce the building load bearing.

Front / Rear access design

For complex indoor environment, H0 can choose front or rear access to be compatible with various use occasions.

Front access : Reduce the space occupied by the display, use the magnetic suction tool to maintain each part of the display from the front.

Rear access : Faster maintenance without affecting use outside the screen.

Whisper - quiet operation

Fan-less design to avoid fan resonance noise. Excellent power management scheme controls heat and power consumption,

and the high thermal conductivity die-cast aluminum cabinet cooperates with heat

dissipation to provide long-term use of the display while being quiet.


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