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Indoor carbon fiber LED display CF Overview Case Study

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Lighter, but even stronger

A brand-new outlooking and carbon fibre architecture, CF series is 50% lighter and 20 times more stronger than traditional LED display,

its excellent stretch strength and hardness contributes to a powerful and stable indoor LED display

Slim build, less space needed

CF measures only 6.8cm thick, no reserved maintenance tunnel is required, enabling you to take the most out of your space.

Effortless installation

Made of carbon fibre, CF weighs only 5kg per cabinet, moreover , each cabinet is equipped with user-friendly lock and handler , one man could finis installation or disassembly effortlessly. Connectors on each side of the cabinet are CNC processed to facilitate installation and ensure perfect cabinet flatness.

Front access, efficient and fast

Cabinet is magnetically connected with module and accessible and serviceable from front, no need to remove any connector or screw.

By using zero screw on the surface of module, it reduces light reflection and ensures perfect visual experience.

Smart module

Data is auto to individual modules resulting in no need to manually calibrate when replacing with spare module supplied
Smart module are able to:

. Work by independent identifi cation

. Store calibration data

. Monitor running time

. Synchronize data

Steel structure free. Perfect indoor hanging

Unlike any other traditional LED display, every CF cabinet is embedded with L-shaped connectors which are strong enough to be hoisted

without the support of steel structure on the back, making CF a perfect solution for indoor hanging solution.


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