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Why black led diode and what its advantages?

What does the "black" of the black led mean? Non-reflective colors are more realistic

In addition to bringing led contrast, the black light also brings another better performance, that is, non-reflective. Because the PPA bracket in the black LED lamp bead is black, because black does not reflect light, that is, it has no reflective ability, so the light is converted into other energy (such as heat) when it shines on a black object, so even when there is stray light At the time, the black PPA bracket will absorb all of it and no longer reflect the stray light, thereby reducing the interference of stray light, making the color more real, and there will be no cross-color, tailing and mutual interference of each color. Phenomenon, making the colors more pure, clear, and more vivid.

Especially the LED stage background screen, due to the many colors of the projection lights in the stage environment, the light and shadow are interlaced, which will seriously affect the display effect of the LED stage background screen. In addition to the fact that the black lamp itself does not reflect light, Lanke Electronics also uses surface fogging technology to diffuse the light, so that the LED display with black crystal can still clearly see the display on the stage environment with serious reflections. image. Due to the above-mentioned characteristics of the black crystal LED lamp beads, the light emitted by various light sources on the stage can be prevented from interfering with each other, thereby increasing the black screen effect of the LED display and not being affected by the brightness of the external environment. The LED display made of black lights The screen can always keep the light and dark levels of the display screen clear and clear.


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