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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do you wash the outdoor screen ?

Note: following clean method is not applicable to indoor signs

Usually there is no need to clean your outdoor led signs, but there are several situations caused by environment require to do so to maintain the performance of your signs.

(1)   Highly polluted area

(2)   Locations with heavy traffic

If your sign is located in a heavy traffic area, the sign face may collect a lot of dust causing by the cars over time.

(3)   Locations with bad weather

If your sign suffers a lot from bad weather, such as sand storm, then you should clean it regularly.

How to clean your signs?

Before the cleaning work, prepare below items.

· Pressure Washer

· Solvent: cold water and mild detergent ratio is 50 to 1

·  Hard brusher for DIP signs, soft brusher for SMD signs.

(1)   Turn the screen off, cut the electricity. LED screensheat up when they're on and it could cause unintended results, so it's better to turn them off before cleaning and wait before it's getting cool.

(2)   Mix the mild detergent and cold water

(3)   Wet the screen thoroughly with pressure washer.

(4)   Brush the screen with brusher and water&detergent solvent from top to bottom in vertical columns. Mind proper strength when you do this. Don’t be too gentle, you may fail to clean the dust. Don’t be too violent, you may damage the leds.

(5)   Rinse the display face with cold water under low pressure before the detergent dries

(6)   Use a soft and dry cloth to dry and remove any access water.

(7)   Allow the display to completely air-dry for 12 hours before powering it on again.

Comparison of screen before and after cleaning

(1)   Before

(2)   After


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