Arena Ribbon Board R0 Overview Specifications Case Study

Top maintenance, the breakthrough design

Innovation isn’t always that obvious to eye, but this time, you will thoroughly understand how this innovation facilitates your installation as well as maintenance. Instead of accessing the cabinet from front or rear, all the modules fixed on the cabinet can be individually pulled out from top side, the best way to access the ribbon board than ever. The led display is no longer inaccessible by this fundamentally improved design.

Cabinet-length module

Came out of the same philosophy we’ve applied to other the sports products, the Yaham arena ribbon board also adopts the cabinet-length module, it bring the high-consistency image output with its super high display flatness.

Exceeding the highest televised standards

Paired with the best IC, the Yaham ribborn brings you spectacular speed and responsiveness to further energize the fan experience, and with the minimum refresh rate of 4000Hz and the gray scale of 16 bits, it could enable the high-speed camera to capture any detail played on the display but without appearing any scanning line while the game is on air.


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