H1 Overview Specifications Case Study

The T1.6 is Yaham's new high definition display system created based upon small pixel spacing and Surface Mounting Diode technology, by interagating computer system, multi-display processing, signal switching and internet technologies, it providing dynamic monitoring over different situations, analyzing, processing and display signal inputs from computer, camera and web. With the introduction of the T1.6 video wall, Yaham has further expand our HD display line up to meet the increased demand from the market and enhance our ability to deliver trailor-made and diversified customer applications.

Cabinet dimension and bring the visual experience

With a cabinet ratio 16 : 9, the display is bespoke in size, flexible in installation and compatible with all the prevailing video formats, making it easier to create FHD, 2K, 4K and 8K video wall.

High contrast ratio and refresh rate, fast response

Enabling it to display any HD display smoothly.

Low radiation zero noise

Meeting electromagnetic interference test standards of EMC Class B, this 1.6mm display also features low radiation and resistant to dust and electromagnetic interference.

Seamless appearance, uninterrupted visual experience

Cabinets are aligned without any gap, assuring complete and uninterrupted visual experience.

Low brightness and high gray level, meeting different indoor display standards

T1.6 supports 12-16 bits image output within any brightness range, delivering details perfectly. Cabinets are aligned without any gap, assuring complete and uninterrupted visual experienc.

Light and thin, excellent heat dissipation performance

This hydronalium-built cabinet is accessible from front and featuring fanless and noiseless, the auto cooling system assures its durability and reliability during long time service.


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