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Indoor fixed display X1 Overview Specifications Case Study

X1 features 3-in-1 black LED, delivering the most accurate color with minimum viewing distance reduced to just 1 meter. X1 also offers extremely wide viewing angle. With a dimension of 500mm by 500mm, X1 offers you the flexibility to create a screen to suit your size and application requirements, delivering seamless images without alignment problems.

Front/rear access

Components can be serviced from front including module, receiver, power supply and cable.

Cabinet-wide module

With a dimension of 500mmX250mm, X1 module is capable of dramatically reducing the alignment gap caused by assembly and enhancing the consistency of image.

Neat design

Owing to the unique neat design, no screws on the display surface can be found, which can totally prevent bright spot on the whole screen from light reflection of screw, and availably enhance display image effect.

Faster&Accurate Assembly

Due to bulge of lower beam, X1series can prop up cabinet from ground up to 3.5mm, avoiding any damage on the display. Meanwhile, the concave of upper beam plays a critical guiding role in assembling the whole screen and make it easier to install both sides accurately.

Low noise

X1 features fanless while generating noise less than 30db, providing you only perfect visual experience.

Smart module

Data is pre-built in every module and able to automatically apply, no manual calibration is required after replacing the failed ones.

Smart modules are able to:

Work by independent identification

Store calibration data

Monitor temperature and voltage

Record running time

Synchronize data


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