Outdoor Billboard G0 Overview Specifications Case Study

Probably the lightest and thinnest out-of-home billboard ever

The idea and philosophy behind Yaham’s out-of-home advertising billboard has never compromised. As of now, the Yaham out-of-home billboard has come to its 3rd generation after relentless improvements, with dozens of details upgraded, it has been brought to a new completion. More pixel spacing and diode categories are available for this incredible billboard cabinet.

It is just different from the traditional one

Weight, thickness, brightness. Regardless of how you measure the quality of this billboard cabinet, it is a class by itself. What it tremendously distinguish itself from the traditional display is that 34%-53% of the size of this cabinet is hollow, so hollow so the display should only bear a small part of the wind load as the wind could go through it freely, this character also helps us to get rid of the fans, it saves electricity and is able to work without noise. The thickness of the entire display is only 12.8cm, weights only 21kg/sq.m, just image how much it will facilitate your installation.

Physically improved contrast ratio

The contrast ratio, by and large, decides the first impression that a display gives to people, to further improve the contrast ratio, the cabinet mask and cabinet are firstly and revolutionally designed to be one part and oblique, it is a translucent billboard but you actually can’t see the light from the other side, every photo and video you see on the display appears only to be more true to life.

Smart Module technology

When it comes to disfunctional module, no repeated calibration is required after the replacement, the new module could automatically load the specifications of brightness, color temperature, etc, from the neighboring modules that have been pre-set with correct data, so any newly replaced module could deliver as perfectly correct color and brightness as the other modules do. Yaham Smart Module is one of Yaham’s patented technologies and is a technological breakthrough to some extent.

Multiple applications

Yaham GD billboard is capable of being applied in almost all of the out-of –home applications due to its natures and abilities empowered by our designers and technicians.


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