Outdoor Fixed S0 Overview Specifications Case Study

Excellent stability

Yaham S0 can be considered as the product which can mirror the Yaham decade-long experience in outdoor led display, it is also the first product we insist that state-of-the-art materials are essential to a led display. After years of relentless improvement, the Yaham S0 is more stable than ever.

Front & rear access

Just like the way we have empowered to all of Yaham outdoor products, S0 can be accessed either from front or rear, it facilities your maintenance and could maximally lower your spend on maintenance and installation.

Auto fan and brightness

The electronic fan could be activated or inactivated according by the inside temperature told by the built-in thermal sensor, it saves electricity. Just as the way thermal sensor does, the brightness can also be controlled by the light sensor according to the different environment, it brings thisenvironment-friendly display even further.

Highly customized

Bring customers’ idea to life has always been one of the directions we set for our products, with the Yaham standard cabinet size and module size, our customer can switch pixel from 10mm to 20mm, module size from 160mm to 320mm.


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